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Recognizing Fake Urine during Drug Test Collections

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

How many times have you as a drug test collector encountered the fake urine being received from a donor who proudly thinks they have tricked you into believing what they have just given you will be sending them on their way to new opportunities ahead?

First, what is it ?What is in this stuff ? What is the most popular option.

Well If you frequent neighborhood mom & pop stores you know they are mini pharmacies

filled with the finest of herbs, male enhancements, and a whole lot more. On that list you will also find different variations of items that can be used to adulterate a drug test.

One of the most popular options is "UPASS".

This item is not real urine however it can pass almost any lab based testing equipment for these reasons: Natural Urine has a substance called creatine that is created by the human body from the kidneys and liver. Products like UPASS contains a certain level of creatine and a yellowing color to mimic the look of natural urine. Creatine purchase is not illegal and the substance may be found in majority of muscle building products.

Adulterating a drug test for pre-employment purposes is unethical but not illegal.

How do you spot "UPASS" when you are collecting a urine sample?

The first thing is to always remember your 5 mocks.

Sometimes the "Temp" will not show on the collection cup no matter how warm it is.

This does not mean your cup is defective. "UPASS" comes with hand warmers that helps heat the cup to give it the expected warm to touch feeling but the heat can sometimes be too much and the temperature will not show on the collection cup.

I have received collection cups back from a donor and the cup was still hot 20 mins later. Not warm but hot to touch. Dead give away.

As a drug test collector how do you handle a suspected adulterated test?

Personally I like my job simple. If the color looks suspicious I will send the sample to the lab and let the Medical Review Officers handle it.

If the temp is not showing I will however, stop the test and then proceed with an observation.

This step can't be avoided due to there being a question on the chain of custody form that specifically asks if the temp is in normal range.

From there, I let the lab and the DER ( Designated Employer Representative) determine the next steps....Sometimes we get a repeat test and sometimes the candidate is removed from the pre-employee screening process by the company.

Sucks if you the potential employee is truly in need of a job and it sucks even more for the employer because they are the ones footing the bill. The lab charges whether the results are positive or negative.

These are the things I do. Follow up each week for more tips.

Lets connect and learn from each other. #drugtestcollectors

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