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What is the benefit of a Mobile Phlebotomist?

A friendly and experienced phlebotomist will come wherever they are needed to provide onsite services per doctor orders. 


A mobile phlebotomist can perform the same services as a traditional phlebotomist, but instead of operating at a hospital or clinic, the mobile phlebotomist visits homes or workplaces to administer blood draw services.

How  is this service beneficial to clients?

Can you answer Yes to any of the below questions?

1. Are you tired of  waiting at the doctor's office just to get blood work done?

2.Have you ever been late to work or took a sick day to have blood work done?

3.Do you or someone you know have difficulty getting to the doctor's office to get lab work done? (bedridden, homebound, non transferable, mental or psychotic behavior or disorder,ect ).

4. Are you the administrator of a Medical Care Facility  struggling to find a reliable or last minute phlebotomist to collect blood work due to staffing shortages or transportation issues?

5. Did you receive an at home medical kit from your doctor or laboratory and the kit requires blood work to be collected?

6. Are you having surgery and the surgery requires pre-op labs to be collected?

7. Were you at the clinic and your doctor suggested lab work but you were not mentally prepared for it at that moment?

8. Do you have to drive miles away from home to another city or location to have blood work collected on a recurring basis such as weekly or monthly?

9. Are you pregnant and having difficulties getting  to the doctor's office  to get blood work done? 

If you can answer yes to any of these questions I am pretty sure we may benefit you or someone you know. 

We also offer VIP services. No more being concerned if someone notices you at a doctor's office getting blood work  or specimens collected.

 High profile clients whose  names you may know seek our services.  We are big on privacy and professionalism. 

Our Mobile Phlebotomists are always dressed to impress in their professional or business casual wear or dressed neatly in scrubs. 

Appointment reminders:

It is important that you follow the instructions from your physician concerning the need to fast​ or other requirements prior to your scheduled appointment. 

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